A Scheduling App Built For Humans Not Computers

A hybrid online/offline retail employee scheduling application. Designed to be both print native and fully online to achieve the best of both worlds for managers and employees.

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Departments & Locations
Easily divide employee schedules via department or location. Employees can belong to multiple departments/locations and ordered in terms of seniority.
Copy Day Or Week
Copying schedules is as simple as double clicking a day in the calendar. Quickly create a month of schedules by copying a day or week.
Simply click publish to allow employees to see the schedules. Choose which employees can view the published schedules.
Weekly & Daily Costs
Immediately know the projected costs of employment for a week or day. Overtime and benefits such as monthly medical costs and social security are factored into the calculation.
Employee List
The employee list sorts by an employee's availability given the schedule you click on. Availability conflicts are calculated, as well as an employee's desired times/hours. Never have to keep track of the thousand demands by employees again.
Revenue To Employee Ratio
Know the percentage of cost of employment to your monthly revenue. Just enter in that month's revenue and know the percentage of employment cost.

An Example Calendar:

Features In Depth


The unique feature about ScheduleHours is that it is built for printing. There are a myriad of reasons of why you or your employees would want a physical copy of the schedules. Other scheduling applications force you to use apps and are not optimized for printing. The calendar will look exactly the same on paper as it does on your computer.

Fully Online

When you publish a schedule, you can notify employees via text and email, if you choose. Creating an employee account takes literally 2 seconds. Employees can see their schedules online, submit availabilities like vacations online, if you choose to allow those options.


Put notes in the day header, day body, or in the schedule text itself. There are many options for displaying names and time formats. This way you can get the schedules to look exactly the way you want with exactly the information you want your employees to see.


Every time you click a schedule, or even a day and not a schedule, the app checks all availabilities of all employees in the respective department. You'll no longer need to sift through pages and pages of employee requests trying to make sure you get it all right.

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